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The practical part of the driving test is the part that many students worry about the most. It is the part that they spend the most time on – many different lessons from best driving instructor in Southfield Nottingham – and the part that has so much to learn. Here are some of the main reasons for people to fail this practical element of their driving test so you can be sure to pay close attention when you are learning how to drive.

One of the biggest errors people make on their driving test is poor observation. This can lead to lots of other problems and can include:

  • Poor observations at junctions
  • Bad decision making
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Problems when reversing round a corner

Use Of Mirrors:

Using your mirrors is extremely important, and failing to do so can mean that you fail your test. If you were to move out from behind a bus, for example, without checking your mirror and fail to notice that a motorcyclist was riding past you, you would have potentially caused an accident. Mirrors must be checked before every manoeuvre and throughout your drive, even if you are on a straight road.

Lack Of Accuracy:

If you are not an accurate driver you might hit the kerb when you are taking a corner, or you might cause another vehicle to slow, stop, or even swerve (all of which will mean you will fail your test). Lack of accuracy can also mean that you can be an obstruction if you pull too far out onto the other side of the road and don’t have room to finish your turn.

Being accurate behind the wheel of a car is a crucial skill and without it you can easily fail your test.

Incorrect Signals:

Using your indicators correctly is a major part of succeeding when you take your driving test. If you are not using them at all, or you are using them in a misleading way, you can confuse other drivers and even become a danger on the road.

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