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Every year, millions of people around the world lose part of their lives when their loved ones die in terrible traffic accidents. Ironically, statistics can’t be reduced because cars are becoming more sophisticated now. To name a few: The anti-braking system (ABS), traction control and airbags are now standard for all new cars. First you need a driver coaching course to learn automatic and manual driving.

Driving courses such as defensive driving are aimed at trained road users who learn how to handle their cars properly and react to dangerous situations such as wet, snow or rain. Under the guidance of trained specialists, participants receive lectures behind the wheel in a controlled environment.

This is a two day course. Lecture on the first day and practical on the second day.
The lectures relate to safety awareness and mainly focus on rules and regulations and accident prevention measures in certain scenarios.

driver coaching

Concentration of the driver on the road is very important to avoid unwanted accidents. Hold two hands on the steering wheel and keep a full view of the road. Interference from cell phones can cause temporary loss of focus on the road, which can ultimately be fatal. Any substance abuse, be it alcohol or drugs, can result in loss of motor control over parts of the body, which can result in traffic accidents.

Physical tests put you behind the wheel and, under the guidance of the right instructor, participants are asked to stop emergency at speeds of up to 60 km / h when the vehicle is moving. This exercise creates trust for participants to put the brakes on the right pressure in the same situation.

Another test is to navigate the car around the cone without knocking. This exercise trains the driver’s driving skills with the right rearview mirror to avoid collisions with cones.

By participating in defensive driving courses, the driver has the knowledge to ward off reactions in complex scenarios and thereby reduce the number of traffic accidents.



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