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Let your child become “Road Mind”! Give your teen a car and ask him to drive whenever you want to get out. This emphasis on “you” means your mandatory presence in the passenger seat of the car. Let your teen drive if possible, but clearly with you next to him. Nottingham Driving School Plu.

Parallel leadership Nottingham Driving School Plu

As mentioned, your presence is very important when you let your child drive his car, because you have to drive it in parallel while driving. Simultaneous parental guidance has positive results in terms of directing adolescents. Here are some driving tips that you learn from your driving experience. If you will accompany your teenager from now on, make sure you explain the right path in an understandable way.

Frequent driving is the best way to track your teen’s progress. Remember that the first few years of driving are important for building strong and correct driving habits, which can then lead to a safe driving life.

Patience is a virtue!

The mistake is human and it is quite clear that your child can make many mistakes while driving. Remember that he is not a professional and it is very new for him to drive. It’s important to be patient and never shout or shout for violations in this example. You can always explain when you go home, so calm down and be patient with your driving mistakes.

You are a teenage friend

It is possible to gently and calmly discuss problems and possible solutions, the dangers you encounter while traveling, and the things to watch out for when traveling in the future. From time to time, keep driving with your teen’s driver, read safety tips, and monitor his driving skills. Frequently remind your child about the dangers of driving. Follow these instructions to check driving during the day when you return home.

Be careful – others

Did you know that more accidents occur when a teenager drives another teenager than when he drives a non-teenager? As a parent / legal guardian, you must monitor the movements of your child and your friends. When teens meet, energy and sensation generally increase, causing them to consume drugs and alcohol. Other problems such as speeding and bending failure are often obvious. To improve in these areas, it is better to pay attention to the company where it is located, and therefore take soft and safe steps to adjust it.

Give the car – insure yourself

Choose a car that is equipped with the latest safety equipment such as airbags, ABS, traction control and the like. This makes them less prone to accidents. Your work does not end there; You must insure on behalf of your teenager. Let him realize that risky driving habits can cause a large financial burden. This shows a sense of responsibility for driving and maintaining the car.

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