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Top Plus Driving Lessons In Nottingham. Now that the summer driving season is in full swing, it’s time to look at some summer driving tips that can save a lot of gas, distractions, and pain. Too many of us don’t think about summer travel because winter conditions are more dangerous. But every season has its own challenges that need to be addressed.

Summer driving tips:

1) Increase fuel consumption:

To get the best fuel savings for your car, clear it! It’s amazing how many people have luggage around luggage, full of golf equipment, luggage, winter gear, toys and bikes when they don’t even need them. By removing all unnecessary gears from your car, you can reduce fuel consumption by 1-2%.

Use the right type of gasoline. Buying premium gasoline when your car doesn’t need it is a waste of money. Not sure which qualifications to buy? Check online or with a reliable mechanic that will point you in the right direction.

Remember your speed. While at Hectic Holidays we don’t go down at high speed and know how difficult it is not to explode on an open highway; You lose a lot of fuel while pushing your car over the speed limit. By keeping your cruising speed within reasonable limits, you can save 2-5% fuel. When talking about cruise ships, use cruise controls if possible, because it adapts better to road conditions than most drivers and helps maintain constant speed and reduces fuel consumption.

Top Plus Driving Lessons In Nottingham

Finally, look at this tire! Properly raised tires can save driver fuel consumption between 1 and 3%. This is one of the simplest and most overlooked tips for saving fuel.

2) Check your route!

As we say in the north, there are only two seasons – winter and construction season. Try to find alternative routes and / or adjust your travel time when road work is being done. This alone can save a lot of gas, money and time. Plus, with a car or SUV full of ants, it’s no fun watching behind the same car that drives 2 miles per hour for more than an hour!

3) Pay attention to young racers

Be aware that there are more teenagers in the summer when school is not around. Traditionally, this is one of the most dangerous groups on the road; and now with a smartphone, the attraction of constant communication with your friends is greater than ever. And don’t even think about sending text messages and driving. Studies continually show that drivers are as disturbed as text messages in terms of response time as drunk drivers.

4) Start early.

If you can leave early before rush hour starts.

5) Don’t even think about drinking!

After all, the most important advice for summer driving, as always, is never to drink or drive. I know that the message within us is really concerning; But during the summer holidays, filled with picnics, family events and long weekend trips, this is a safety tip that too many people forget.



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