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Your Own Lesson Plus Driving School In Nottingham. To be a safe driver requires more work than cruelty. However, if you are a driver who values ​​the lives of passengers, vehicles, and the lives of others, you will face the challenge of defensive driving. How to become a safe driver.

Your Own Lesson Plus Driving School In Nottingham

Serve your car regularly. Keeping the car in perfect condition ensures trouble-free driving. This is also your best protection against accidents caused by damaged or damaged parts. Regular services that are very important for your car include the engine, freezer / cooler level, braking system, mirrors, headlights, wiper blades, tires and other components.

Stay focus. When you are out and about, be careful what you do. Keep an eye on the road and use your rear view mirror to see what’s behind you. Don’t be distracted by something you see, because you don’t know if the vehicle behind you is speeding and can crash with the car if you keep staring at something else. Other disorders while driving include drowsiness, fatigue, dreams and more.

Do not exceed the speed limit. If your car is going very fast, you can cause a collision if it suddenly stops. Physics says that excessive acceleration can increase the accumulation of energy that must be released with each collision. In addition, each increase in speed shortens the response time to danger, because you cover more distance before you need time to react.

Fasten your seat belts. Always wear a seat belt when you are in a car. For inventions, seat belts are the most important safety device ever created by drivers. This protects the driver and front passenger in two ways: protects you from impact and limits you in such a way that you will not be thrown out of your car. Don’t worry about a seat belt that will damage your clothes or make you feel uncomfortable. Think of a head injury that you could suffer if you were thrown out of your car and that could result in death.

Don’t drink or drive. Drunk drivers are usually involved in car accidents and other accidents. Drunk driving is a major cause of car accidents in most countries. When you are drunk, your perception and senses are significantly reduced. If you are at a bar with a group of friends, there must be someone who doesn’t drink to bring the rest of the group home. If you are alone outside and drink more than a little alcohol, don’t get behind the wheel and take a taxi.

Slow down when snow or rain falls. In the cold months, the road is slippery and the view is unbearable. Drive slow. Fog, rain, snow and hail are potentially dangerous driving conditions and only mature and safe drivers must cross them.
Do not use your cellphone while driving. You can’t do two things at once, especially when the others are driving. With the hands-free function, you can talk to someone on the phone with both hands behind the wheel, but this is still uncertain.
Place the children behind. The front of the vehicle is clearly not allowed for children under the age of twelve. Most states have reasonable penalties for parents who prioritize their children. In the event of a collision, children can easily be disposed of at the front, and air bags are not safe even for children under 12 years.



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