Automatic Driving Lesson in Nottingham

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There are multiple ways to pass a driving test, and more and more people in the UK are choosing to take automatic driving lessons. The problem is that learning to drive with an automatic gearbox is so easy that everyone in a manual gearbox is wondering why they bother. For automatic driving schools where you can easily get a driver’s license, it works as follows:

1. There are only two pedals.

2. Keep an eye on the road as there is no gearstick.

3. You don’t have to drive, focus on the road, push the clutch, shift gears, or push the clutch while making sure you are driving safely.

4. Keep away from the hills.

5. Driving in traffic is so easy.
We are really lucky actually because automatic cars are not just the future they are here today. All electric and hybrid vehicles are automatic, and this is how life is. Aside from “ease of use”, it is cheaper to switch to automatic. You can also save on driving lessons by learning automatically. If you want to take a car driving lesson in Nottingham right now, you need to contact us right away as it is so popular driving school in Nottingham city.

There are tons of driving schools in Nottingham, offering a host of driving instructors in Nottingham and offering a long list of variations on driving lessons in Nottingham. The sheer amount of choice can be confounding for a student just looking to get started in finding the right option for either finding a cheap driving school in Nottingham or aspiring to become a driving instructor in Nottingham. The debate can often boil down to the same question, should I learn to drive a manual transmission, or do I need to find someplace that offers automatic driving lesson in Nottingham? 

Let’s build on that question then, what does an automatic driving instructor in Nottingham offer that a manual driving instructor may not? Well, often there isn’t really a difference between an automatic driving school in Nottingham and otherwise. The same instructor that offers a cheap driving lesson in Nottingham can teach both automatic and manual driving. The difference between the two is basically on the transmission system in the car with automatic transmission being the newer, easier, and more widespread option that’s also more suited for beginners on the road. However, some die hard fans of classic cars or performance vehicles, or people looking to go off-roading still prefer manual driving for the finer control that it provides them. 

So if you are in search for a cheap driving instructor in Nottingham, look no further than Lesson Plus! Our talented and renowned driving instructor specialists can meet all your driving needs for manual and automatic driving! Happy driving! 

Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons

Taking manual driving lessons is not for everyone, and more and more learners are choosing to book automatic driving lessons. Driving in cities and towns often involves a lot of stop-start driving, which can mean that you’re constantly changing gear and engaging in clutch control. If you know that you want to buy an automatic car, it makes sense to learn in an automatic.

As well as being a popular option for learners who live in cities and busy towns, automatic driving lessons can also be beneficial for people who may find it difficult to drive a manual due to underlying health issues or a previous injury or condition that makes changing gears more difficult. Automatic driving lessons can also be an appealing option for drivers who live in hilly areas. If you’re navigating steep inclines on your journey, it can be really handy to have an automatic car.







Is Learning in an Automatic Car Easier?

As a novice, getting to grips with the clutch and changing gears while you’re trying to steer the car and keep your eyes on the road can be tricky. Learning to drive is not easy, but some people do find learning in an automatic slightly less challenging as they don’t have to think about the gears quite so much. Whichever type of car you choose to learn in, our expert instructors will be on hand to guide you through the process of learning the ropes and we will help you build confidence and gain valuable experience.

Are Automatic Cars More Popular?

There are more manual cars on the road in the UK, but statistics show that automatic vehicles are becoming more popular. Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showed that 40% of new cars had an automatic gearbox in 2017, with a total of 8.4 million automatic vehicles on UK roads in 2018. As many people commute or drive around for work, which often involves driving in cities and towns, automatic cars can be an attractive option.

Are Automatic Driving Lessons Different to Manual Driving?

At Lesson Plus Driving School, our aim is to ensure every driver has the skills they need to pass their test and look forward to many years of using the roads safely. In essence, automatic driving lessons are the same as manual lessons, with the only difference being the use of the gearbox. If you drive an automatic, your instructor will teach you how to use the different gears to control the vehicle and ensure you have the relevant expertise to pass your driving test and operate an automatic car safely.

If you have manual driving lessons, your instructor will show you how to take control of the gearbox and change gears safely so that you can drive smoothly and confidently. You will be required to learn the same manoeuvres and demonstrate that you can complete essential tasks and that you are proficient in driving in different environments before you get the green light.