Manual Driving Lesson in Nottingham

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So do you want to learn how to use the clutch? You have come to the right page.

Lesson Plus Driving School offers manual driving lessons in Nottingham. Lesson Plus Driving School uses several different cars for manual driving lessons. All cars are equipped with dual controls including brakes and clutch pedals, and all cars are equipped with air conditioning for your convenience. All of our cars are very easy to learn to drive, with light steering, light clutches, and easy driving movements. The car has good visibility and is slightly higher than the normal driving position, which makes it comfortable when learning to drive. However, all of these are suitable for beginner drivers and those taking re-education lessons.

Each driving lesson is specially tailored to the individual learner, as no two learn in the same way. All students are treated as individuals, not just separate customers. It is this friendly and professional approach that keeps Lesson Plus Driving School at the forefront of driving student in Nottingham.

Despite being considered somewhat old fashioned, many people still consider the ability to drive manual transmission to be the gold standard for someone looking to call themselves a driver. Even for people who become driving instructor in Nottingham, the skill remains highly sought after and respected for opening a driving school in Nottingham. So, for someone looking to get a driving lesson in Nottingham, what’s the first step to finding the right driving instructor in Nottingham to get started? Well, before we go about finding a cheap driving school in Nottingham, lets first take a moment to clarify what manual driving really is. 

So what is manual driving? It refers to driving a car with a manual transmission. A manual transmission, also known as manual gearbox, standard transmission (in Canada and the United Kingdom), or stick shift (in the United States), is a vehicle transmission system, where gear changes require the driver to manually select the gears by operating a gear stick and clutch (which is usually a foot pedal for cars). The skill takes some practice but can be mastered with the help of dedicated manual driving lessons in Nottingham offered by a skilled and certified manual driving instructor in Nottingham. There are several good choices for people looking to get into manual driving, but the question often comes down to finding the right manual driving school in Nottingham. There may be several choices but generally, students are looking for a cheap driving instructor in Nottingham that is able to provide top-rated, patient, and attentive service to their students. Lesson Plus is your one-stop shop for a cheap driving lesson in Nottingham, providing a top-class learning experience to their students with exceptionally trained and recognized training professionals who are ready and able to help you begin in your manual driving journey in Nottingham. Happy driving! 

Below are prices for manual driving lessons, intensive courses, and block bookings in Nottingham.