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At Lesson Plus Driving School provide driving lessons to suit you and your individual requirements with a range of learn to drive packages on offer.

When you start lessons, you have the choice to learn in a manual or an automatic car. Manual cars have a manual gearbox, and the driver is responsible for changing gears as and when they reduce their speed, prepare to stop or accelerate. Automatic cars have an automatic gearbox, which means that as a driver, you don’t have to change gear as frequently. Some people prefer to drive automatic vehicles, while others enjoy driving a manual car. This is a matter of personal preference. Our driving lessons are designed to provide you with the skills, experience and confidence you need to pass your test.

What is the difference between manual and automatic cars?

The difference between manual and automatic cars lies in the gearbox. When you drive a manual car, you change gears when you speed up, slow down, prepare to stop, stop suddenly or change direction. There are usually 5 gears plus the reverse gear, depending on the car you drive. As you increase your speed, you’ll change up. As you reduce your speed, you’ll change down. With an automatic car, there are still gears, but the setup is much simpler. Instead of having neutral, reverse, first, second, third, fourth and fifth gear, you have D (drive), P (park), N (neutral) and R (reverse).

Behind the Wheel Driving Gain Real Driving Experience

Our highly skilled instructors teach all ages and use their expertise to make learning easy and enjoyable. They work hard to give their students a great learning experience, their undivided attention, continuity in the learning process, and to instill confidence in their students.

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Lesson Plus Driving School is authorized by DVSA to administer the your diving lessons.



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